Matt Inden photography

Matt Inden on a shoot with his large format, 8×10, camera.

On behalf of the family of Matthew Inden, we are extremely sad to share the news that Matt passed away on June 14, 2023. You can read his obituary HERE.

Matt was a beloved member of the photography community, and was well loved in the Rocky Mountains where he made his home, as well as on the East Coast where he grew up.

Family and friends of Matt Inden are currently considering how best to continue the legacy of his art, and to find a way to continue selling his work and donating the proceeds to a worthy cause. Please stay tuned to this space for updates.

Here is an excerpt from Matt’s writings:

AS A PHOTOGRAPHER OF NATURE, I like to judge a work by determining whether it is worthy of being placed on a wall. Does the piece inspire the viewer with the feelings of being transported through space and time, into the scene in front of him or her? Can he or she reach out and touch the sloping mounds of sand or the crisp, newly fallen snow? Those are the images for which I search and ask, ‘Will this make it to someone’s wall?’ Of course, ultimately, it is up to you, the people that share my passion for the outdoors, that are the final decision-makers—the outdoor lovers that stop at places of beauty and take a moment to ponder. It is amazing what powerful ideas and emotions nature can invoke.  There are those magical places that always seem to hold you in your tracks a little longer than usual—be it your first time there or your twentieth. To me, these are the places that inspire and that I feel must be preserved.